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Welcome to the official travel trade site of Inspired by Iceland for travel professionals. Here you can find information and tools to help you sell Iceland as a tourist destination.

Why Iceland?

Iceland is not for everyone. It’s for those who travel the world to experience something different, to come back with stories to tell. The stories of Iceland don’t stop as winter comes. Every season, and in every region, Iceland offers secrets to the adventurous and enlightened traveler. Here are information about Iceland, reasons to come, FAQ and more.

Safe & responsible travel

The Icelandic nature is the main attraction for tourists that come to Iceland. We want to make sure that our visitors know how to help us preserve it and how to enjoy it in a safe manner. We recommend you get to know Safe Travel and Vakinn, the official quality label for tourism in Iceland. Here´s also Iceland Academy - enabling tourist to get the most out of their trip to Iceland in a safe and responsible way.

Toolbox for travel professionals

The toolbox is a one stop shop for the busy travel professionals to find the tools needed to sell Iceland as a destination. The toolbox includes images, videos, maps, marketing material, itineraries, events, contacts and more.

Become a specialist in Iceland

Becoming Inspired by Iceland Specialist not only increases your knowledge about Iceland but also gives you an advantage in marketing Iceland as a tourist destination and assists you in providing better service to your clients. All Iceland specialists get to use the Inspired by Iceland Specialist badge on their marketing material. There is also the option for your company to be listed on our website as Inspired by Iceland Specialist by meeting our requirements.

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